517 - Is it possible to produce a teaser ad for a product? Does this ad need to be disease oriented "Something new in X disease area coming soon" or can a brand name be attached to it such as "Brand X coming soon"? Lastly, does this require PAAB review? Thanks you for your guidance.

  • The claim “Brand X is coming soon” can only be employed once the product is authorized for sale in Canada. This ad requires PAAB review. Although PAAB code 6.6 has an exemption for the claim “Now available”, this message is different from “coming soon”. Also note that this message is not accepted prior to product authorization as it promotes an unapproved product. The claim “Something new in X disease area is coming soon” would not be accepted as it points to a new product from the sponsor and thus indirectly promotes a product. Teaser ads prior to product authorization should be limited to messaging similar to “Company XYZ is committed to research in disease ABC”.

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