15 - Are there specific APS guidelines for corporate booth panels? Is it possible to create a panel/poster that just lists the product and its indication and not provide full product balance (i.e. adverse events and contraindications)? Full product balance/PI would be available at the same corporate booth.

  • There are no specific PAAB guidelines for corporate booth panels. Health Canada has a guideline for what is advertising in Exhibit Booths in their policy document "The Distinction Between Advertising and Other Activities".Advertising in corporate booth panels is subject to PAAB review. In this case, you can do an institutional ad and list the products and therapeutic class with respect to PAAB Code section 7.7 that reads: 7.7 Institutional Advertising/Promotion Systems (APS) These are designed to create and maintain a favorable image of a company, its products and its services. See exemption [6.6 (e)]. These systems may be used at any time at the discretion of the advertiser but must be submitted for PAAB review and acceptance prior to publication. They must not contain therapeutic or other claims of product merit or status. They may contain: (a) A general statement about the pharmaceutical company, its products and its service(s) and policies. (b) A partial or complete list or illustration of products manufactured and/or distributed by the company, along with their respective therapeutic [11.4] or pharmacologic [11.5] classifications.