683 - Hi Patrick I've been told that vaccines fall under different promotional guidelines than other prescription medicines. We are putting together a now available pharmacy fax for our soon to be promoted vaccine and wanted to confirm if we need PAAB approval on this or not. The communication would include the brand name, logo, indication, price, DIN and product number. It would also include corporate trademarks. Thanks

  • Vaccines are schedule D products and differ from prescription medicines mainly with respect to DTCA. Consumer advertising materials for products in the “prescription” schedule are restricted to name price and quantity. Manufacturers may promote the therapeutic use of vaccines in consumer advertising. The PAAB reviews for Rx and Schedule D consumer materials are based on our interpretation of the Food and Drug Regulations and the Health Canada policy document “The distinction between advertising and other activities”.For the purpose of drug advertising directed to healthcare professionals, advertising for vaccines are treated the same way as for prescription drugs. The proposed pharmacy fax does fall under the PAAB scope and should be submitted to PAAB for review.