Hey @AmandaM , interesting case. It’s difficult to imagine a situation where some aspect of the piece is not going to change. For example, the addition of a name to the document (PDF) would be considered new copy. Similarly, copy prompting the delegate to download or access the PDF (via text or image) would change the copy and render point 1 of the Clarification regarding digitization of APS document not met. Another consideration is the manner in which a delegate accesses the content (PDF). For this, please consider the guidance provided in the Advisory on Disclosure of APS Placement Details which reflects the understanding that content reviewed will have run-of-site/random placement within publications or platforms. If the positioning of an APS is not random, and is instead by design, this must be disclosed to PAAB when the APS is submitted for review. In summary, there are many aspects about the piece and access of the piece within a virtual conference which would create some form of context which goes beyond the direct digitization of a print piece to a PDF version. If there are additional aspects not considered above, specific to your case, you can always use the PAAB opinion services for a more thorough review of your use case.