Have the system requirements for eFiles changed since the June 2013 Guidance Document?

  • I was reviewing the eFiles system requirements from the June 2013 Guidance Document "Guidance on Submission Process"

    1. System requirements
      Consider the following system requirements:
       document maximum size = 20 MB
       document file format required is Adobe 8.0 or less
       video file formats accepted must be in .mov, .wmv, .swf., or .udf

    Are these still accurate? Our clients use the MP4 video format most often and Acrobat DC (2015). Any guidance on whether these are supported now and the max file size will be appreciated.

  • The eFiles platform has greatly improved since 2013. The above restrictions do not apply anymore. We have upgraded the system to accept all file sizes and current formats including MP4 and Acrobat DC 2015. Please note that larger file sizes may take more time to upload. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will update the guidance document accordingly.

    If you have any file format related questions, please contact our eFiles coordinators at 905-509-2275.