Real world evidence focused on patient compliance

  • Is it possible that information from a 3rd party research company that compiles patient compliance data for multiple Rx products be acceptable in an APS targeted to physicians?

  • We’d need to assess the methodology through which the data was collected and analyzed through the third party research company. Ultimately, it's possible but unlikely since adherence is quite difficult to measure. It is important to distinguish between adherence and retention. Often when folks say the former, they are actually referring to the latter.

    PAAB interprets compliance/adherence as the extent to which patients administer the medication as instructed by the HCP. This is in contrast to persistence / retention which PAAB interprets simply as continued dispensing of the prescribed medication. It is inherently difficult to reliably measure patient adherence / compliance. We have yet to receive acceptable third party data that supports comparative adherence claims.

    However, PAAB regularly considers persistence / retention data from recognized or validated claims-based market data providers. The data may be comparative if it is less than 6 months old. Inferences (like “Drug X demonstrated higher retention rate vs drug Y”) may be made if supported by statistical significance.