Guidance Document for Reporting Claims in Relative Terms (RRR)

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  • Hello from our team here at ANTIBODY Healthcare Communications!

    The examples provided within this guidance document solely concern relative claims that are positioned as a secondary message (e.g., as a callout). However, based on our previous experiences, our understanding is that there is no restriction in positioning a claim with a relative value as the main message for a page (e.g., as a headline), although we understand that such a claim would now require absolute values to be prominently integrated within it.

    Would you be so kind as to confirm that this continues to be the case?

  • Hey @palanski and team

    You are correct. Relative claims may appear as the main message (headline), when they include the absolute values. These should be presented as an integral part of the claim and should NOT be a different colour, style, size etc. All other aspects (quantification and qualification) you would normally include in the claim, still remain applicable.