• Hello- We have a patient tool designed to answer frequently asked questions. We would like to proactively resubmit to include a message in response to any COVID-19 questions patients might ask as the folks taking this medication are at a higher risk for contracting. I realize there is no specific guidance on this yet but wondering if you can share any general guidance? It is a branded tool and the intent is just to be able to respond with a general statement / info and redirect to Health Canada or other trusted source when a question comes up, just so we don't have to say "sorry we can't help you with that."

  • @lilymcneil As a general guidance, advertising material must be consistent with the TMA and be supported by quality references. A simple message directing readers with questions regarding COVID-19 to an authoritative source such as a Government of Canada resource may be acceptable, provided that the content, context, or linkages do not suggest that the product somehow helps to manage/prevent/detect a COVID-19 infection/sequelae in a way that extends beyond the TMA. When the updated copy is submitted, please ensure that all changes are highlighted and properly referenced to ensure an efficient review.

  • Thanks for the feedback, What about questions like: "should I still go to my MD’s appointment at the hospital" or " can I get some extra medication in case things get worse"?

  • @lilymcneil

    These questions may be acceptable if the content, context, and link aligns with the general guidance provided in our prior response. Of course, copy specific guidance would be provided as part of the review process. Questions and responses need to be assessed in the context of the entire piece and with assessment of the references.