184 - Do different guidelines exist for promotion of OTC brands to health care professionals with respect to the following:

    1. comparison of different products based on the approved labelling for parameters such as indications, and the non-clinical claims such as taste,color, odor, dissolution. - Section 5.10.2. of the code does not distinguish between Rx and OTC brands.

    2. use of Ad Standards Canada approved consumer taglines for the brand in APS that will be used with healthcare professionals. - No. Audience is an important determinant of advertising regulations. All elements of an ad directed to healthcare professionals are reviewed by PAAB within the provisions of the PAAB Code of Advertising Acceptance (e.g. taglines, non-clinical comparisons, and so on). OTC advertising directed to the general public is reviewed either by Ad Standards Canada or OutReach within the provisions of the Health Canada guidance document "Consumer Advertising Guidelines For Marketed Health Products".