214 - Do the same rules apply to unbranded materials as branded? For example, Can I use review papers to discuss disease category education? What materials are acceptable to use as reference? Thank you!

  • Editorials are reviewed under section 7.6 of the PAAB code. The PAAB code does not differentiate between branded and non-branded APS with regards to standards of evidence. The main difference between a branded and non-branded APS is that all content is inherently linked to the sponsor's product in a branded piece (this means that even non-drug content must fall within the limitations of the sponsor's product monograph). Review papers are not accepted to support drug claims. Review papers are only considered for disease information. The reference requirements depend on the claim type. This is not a "one or two paragrapher". We'll be discussing evidence standards in our October workshops. In the meanwhile, feel free to scan the Q&A category "Claims & support/references for claims" then either call the PAAB office to pose a quick general question or submit a request for a written opinion on your specific scenario (see PAAB website for fee schedule) if your question remains unanswered.