387 - May we: Report the results of a patient satisfaction study to doctors?Ask doctors' opinions of key results from of that study?Then report back to all doctors a summary of responding doctors' aggregate opinions?

  • In principle, this is possible for satisfaction messages relating to (and limited to) specific product attributes for which surveys (conducted without the sponsor’s influence) can be considered such as taste, packaging, dosage form, and/or ease of administration. Having said that, there are several provisions relating to level of evidence and type of messaging to consider. As this is not the optimal forum for that level of detail, I’ll keep my response “high-level” and I’ll strongly urge you to either submit a formal opinion detailing your proposed methodology and messaging to the PAAB or setting up a consultative meeting with PAAB before going too far (see the fee-schedule on our website). In short, the document summarizing the results of the study would be reviewed/approved by PAAB. This means that the study methodology must be aligned with the PAAB code as must the messaging within the document outlining the results for distribution to HCPs. Once this process is completed, the HCP survey messaging would be assessed for consistency with the PAAB code (i.e. we will review the questions). Once this stage is done, the messaging relating to the results would be assessed for consistency with the code.