• We are looking to add some COVID-19 information to an existing, branded, patient website.
    The COVID-19 content is general information (what it is, who is at risk, symptoms, general guidelines) with content provided by the WHO and the Public Health Agency of Canada.
    We would also like to include information on COVID-19 and the specific therapeutic area, with content provided by the main therapeutic area Society.
    Can you please advise if these types of references would be acceptable?
    Also, is general guidance around where this type of information can or cannot live on a branded, patient website? (ie. standalone page, safety section, pop-up).
    Thanks in advance for your reply!

  • Hey @llmktg

    As a general guidance, advertising material must be consistent with the TMA and be supported by quality references. No copy, content or linkages should suggest that the product somehow helps to manage/prevent/detect COVID-19 infection that extends beyond the TMA.

    With that in mind, any specifics about the disease (COVID) should be directed to the homepage of groups considered to be authoritative sources, such as the WHO and Public Health Agencies for disease information. As the product is not indicated for COVID and it is not likely that there is COVID specific messaging in the TMA, it may be misleading to present this information on the branded website. It could house links to acceptable resources, and house material on practical information, e.g. virtual appts, mask wearing etc. clearly separate from any branding messages or content. The sponsor should ensure separation is done in a distinct manner so as not to suggest that the sponsors brand addresses the condition.

    When we start to get into how comorbidities interact with the condition and it’s treatment or the treatment the patient is on, the evidence requirements are subject to statistically significant data from high quality studies per our usual review.