• I have an MOA video that is only available for viewing as part of an HCP IVA. It has never and will never be distributed separate from the IVA. When I submit the MOA video for review am I correct in assuming that this APS does not require Fair Balance and logos on its own, because it's all covered as part of the IVA in which it is embedded.

  • Hello @tmcd
    If the video is to always be part of the IVA and never shown outside of the IVA, it is fair to assume that the fair balance and logos do not have to be incorporated into the video itself, if it is sufficiently captured in the IVA (i.e. minimum middle level fair balance). When submitting, the IVA should be included in the submission, with clear instructions on the incorporation into the IVA (i.e. placement, access, any additional functionality accorded to the video or IVA to access the video).