Meta data for product website for patients

  • Is a meta description still needed for each page behind the gate of a patient-facing product website when there is a no index command? Since we don't what the pages to be found on search, then wouldn't the meta description be useless or potentially reveal product info to a general audience? If the meta descriptions are still needed, wouldn't the meta description have to be balanced and referenced? That's a lot for 160 characters. Could you please clarify what's needed from meta descriptions in the case of gated patient content about a product?

  • Hello @hollymed

    The PAAB does not require that meta-descriptors for webpages be used. We merely require to review them when they are used. On a side note, there may be reasons to use them (or some other meta data) post gate. For example, some implementations of intra-site(post-gate) search would employ these. But as you’ve pointed out, you’d need to make sure that no content beyond name/price/qty appears in external (e.g. Google) search results. That would be a matter of setting the appropriate robot text. Hope that helps.