• We would like to send an edirect to verified healthcare professionals on our mailing list. The intent of the message is to promote a digital-only (PAAB approved) Counselling Corner. The message is "Important information for you to help your patients suffering from MDD." The counseling corner can only be accessed on our gated website. Is PAAB review required if:

    1. Low-level fair balance included within email
    2. No branding such as colors or logos of the drug
    3. No claim is made
    4. Name of the drug is used in the heading of the email

  • Hello @kalli,

    If the intent of the message is to promote a company sponsored service/offering linked to a brand, and is created and controlled by the sponsor, it is likely subject to advertising regulations regardless of branding elements within the edirect specifically. Remember that when we link advertising and non-advertising, everything becomes advertising. Similarly, when we link branded and unbranded, everything becomes branded.