• We are creating a podcast series for our client that will be hosted in our patient-focused app community.

    The podcasts will involve:

    Patient interviews with those who have been diagnosed with the disease in question.

    Lifestyle topics with guests who are experts in yoga, stress management and goal setting.

    My question is how do we go about submitting these for approval? Ideally, we must try avoid multiple interviews with one expert in order to address how our interviewees respond to our questions.

    Do we submit scripts for review first and read a disclaimer? Is there any other tips that we can receive?

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  • Hey @valeries

    As there seem to be a lot of moving parts to this question, we will attempt to provide some broad guiding principles.

    See PAAB Q&A 169 for key suggestions. While it speaks to HCP quotes, it can be extrapolated to experts in their respective fields (yoga, stress management and goal setting).

    If the patient-focused app community is branded, all content accessed through it (including podcasts) would be subject to advertising regulations.
    To help reduce the number of post recording changes, we generally suggest having a pre-reviewed script. When this is not possible, we suggest review of talking points so that the speaker is generally guided in the right direction. Post recording, a full script should be submitted to PAAB. Any copy which does not meet the regulations, will be requested to be removed.

    A similar thought process can be applied to patient interviews. While it is acceptable to have them, they must meet the limitations of patient information. For example, they should not be promotional. Like in PAAB Q&A 169, we suggest having a pre-approved script, or if this is not possible, a list of reviewed questions. The final script will be required for review and approval.