Email update on CADTH recommendation

  • If a client wants to create an email that generally updates HCPs on the status of a CADTH recommendation/public reimbursement for a product, would this be an acceptable message for such an APS? Idea is that message would simply be along the lines of: "Company ABC" has submitted "indication" for public reimbursement. Both CADTH and INESSS have published positive recommendations for patients that meet the criteria of the new indication. The next step in the process is negotiations with pan-Canadian Pharmaceutical Alliance (pCPA), which takes an average of approximately 12 months. Once the negotiation is successfully concluded, product listing agreements need to be entered into with each province. This can take up to several months depending on the individual province." The email would also contain low level fair balance (indication statement, etc.), given that the product indication is referenced. Are there any concerns with the proposed content of such an email? The email would not link to the actual CADTH recommendation letter itself.

  • Good morning @karen-taylor
    The following is a review of the concept that you’ve proposed and not a line-by-line review of the copy

    It is acceptable to promote coverage that has been granted and is within the limitations of the indication. The promotion of a request for coverage may suggest that the company expects coverage for the criteria or indication listed. This would be speculative (as provinces may elect to follow the coverage recommendation or not) which would not be acceptable in advertising. Please also note that use of the CADTH and INESSS recommendations would not be acceptable in advertising as these are intended to inform provincial decisions to cover or not cover. They are not intended to guide HCP treatment decisions.