562 - Can we develop a sales aid where the user can select specific topics (efficacy, safety, cost) and then present these to a physician? The concept is to create a custom presentation based on the needs of the physician. So if a physician only wants to hear about efficacy and cost, those would be the only sections to appear. This would be like adding tabs to a print sales aid but since digital, we can create the sections that will appear based on the customers need

  • To accomplish this, the e-detail tool would need to be separated into a core deck (which includes at least the indication & FB). The core deck would be intended to always be presented. The rest of the content would be separated by the client into expansion decks. The core deck and each expansion deck are submitted as separate files. The expansion decks would be reviewed with the understanding that none, some, or all of those decks may be presented in any sequence but always after the core deck. i.e. review judgements will be made with this flexibility in mind. For more info see Q&A # 307 & 198.