• We're building a Digital Resource Library microsite that will provide physicians with a secure, reliable way to access PAAB approved information/tools about a specific condition.

    Wondering what happens each time we add/remove/renew a piece - Do we need to re-submit the entire site for review each time? Any recommendations on how best to manage tools ongoing once the site up and running?

  • Hey @SB

    A library of tools could be designed and set up with an appropriate algorithm/framework for the addition of PAAB approved tools in the appropriate locations (considerations for linkages, clear definition of audiences etc.). The initial review would help to outline and structure this. The addition of new tools as downloadable resources could be considered without a new review, if they were restricted to a document title which was claim neutral. As part of the tools submission, PAAB should be notified that it will be added to the library, and where in the library it will be placed. Anything that extends beyond the naming convention for the tool (i.e. thumbnail images, descriptions, search terms etc.) would prompt a new review. PAAB can provide an opinion review on the structure once you have a firm outline.

  • @jennifer-carroll Thanks - Appreciate the reply!