Sending Presentations to Doctors

  • When submitting materials to PAAB, you have to select various options to describe the APS: Leave Behind, Presentation, Email etc. Then PAAB reviews in that particular context.

    Are there any limitations in providing a copy of a PAAB-approved Presentation to a doctor directly following the actual presentation of the content.

  • Hey @georgian21

    The APS category helps us to track the types of tools being submitted and reviewed. They also provide context on if they are to be rep-directed or self-directed. This can have implications for the flow of the piece. In theory, an approved slide deck can be shared after the presentation, with the assumption that if there are speaker notes, they have been reviewed and approved as part of the piece. You should also consider how you disseminate the presentation, with additional guidance in the “Dissemination” section of the PAAB Clarification regarding digitization of APS Helping healthcare product manufacturers plan for the evolving COVID-19 operational context document.

    If the presentation is to be recorded and distributed, this recording would require a separate review prior to being distributed. See (5) for further elaboration