• Hi! Can you please clarify the need for listing formulary references on APS (layout) for formulary coverage claims? We were under the impression that a qualifying footnote of corresponding provincial areas or territories was enough; and including the list of formulary references as FPO in the copydecks was sufficient. We have seen this previously accepted in other ads, as it would get redundant and long to list every reference.

  • Hello @healthymind

    The references should be provided for all HCP material so that the HCP has the information required to assess the credibility of the message themselves. The reference list (including provincial formulary citations) should be adequately disclosed within the piece or on a weblink destination if the sponsor chooses. If the sponsor is concerned about space and redundancies, we can consider a reference similar to “Data on file: Brand X Coverage Canada. Manufacturers Name. Date”. The exception to this, is for Quebec formulary claims, as the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ) has requested the link destination appear on the surface of the ad. See Advisory Regarding Use of RAMQ in APS