590 - Hello, We plan to create a survey to gather statistics on lifestyle habits and general knowledge of the respondents on a virus in order to use the said metrics in a promotional tool, in the vaccination field. 1000 respondents is the usual number needed to produce relevant or serious statistics. The question is: As per PAAB's guidelines, is there a minimum number of respondents needed in a survey to be able to use the statistics produced by it in promotional tools. Thank you

  • The PAAB requires the methodology to be valid, and part of this (only one part of this) is the number of respondents. There is no single set criteria around the number of participants needed. Ultimately, what is considered reasonable with regards to the survey size depends on several factors including but not limited to the research question and the condition. For example, we can appreciate that some conditions don’t have 1000 patients in North America. Please see Ask PAAB question 551 for more relevant information.