Posting disease state (unbranded) content to LinkedIn

  • Can sales reps post disease state (unbranded) content to their personal LinkedIn page? The sales reps are representing their own personal LinkedIn page, so if they “like” or repost disease content, would this be considered a promotional activity?

  • Hi @dj,

    In general, there is no distinction between what manufacturer employees post on a company account and what they post on their own personal account for company unbranded campaigns. A post that contravenes the Federal regulations on a company account likely contravenes those same regulations on an employee’s personal account. Additionally, even when a post is aligned with applicable Federal regulations on a company account, it may be a contravention on a personal account as the context may differ substantially. Ultimately, the company has not curated the content on the employee’s a personal account to ensure the overall context and linkages are appropriate. Posting (branded or unbranded) campaign content blurs the line between corporate and personal accounts. We encourage manufacturers to set internal social media guidelines that convey expectations vis-à-vis social media activity of their employees (and their agents).