24 - The PAAB Code defines single sponsor publications in section 11.9, and notes in section 6.1 that branded content inserted into same are Journal Advertisement APS. Is the balance of the content of a single-sponsor publication exempt from PAAB review? Or is it considered service-oriented or detail aid APS? What if the ad is placed in a publication for the purpose of sponsorship of an ongoing title offered by an Independent Publisher?

  • First, you should check the definition of "advertising" in PAAB CODE s11.1. Also see code s7.8 for Editorial Advertising. Most single sponsored journals are considered to be advertising unless the independence of the publisher can be well defined. That is usually difficult to do because the publisher is usually acting as an agent for the company. There are some single-sponsored journals that do have independent editorial control. According to Health Canada policy about combining branded ads with nonbranded information, if you place a product ad in a single sponsored journal it can make the whole vehicle advertising and thus, it would be subject to PAAB review if the information is related to product use. If you have an independently produced single-sponsor journal, the ad would be considered under code s6.4 service oriented vehicles. The PAAB provides an advisory opinion on the PAAB Code advertising status of specific promotional tools. Phone call advice is free of charge and written opinions are charged a fee.