80 - I recently received a copy of your December newsletter which refers to changes that will be taking place on April 2009. With respect to 2.4.3, would you consider a non-prescription, schedule D vaccine to fall into this category? And what about a Schedule F drug, that is non-prescription in Ontario?

  • Schedule D vaccines would not fall into this category because vaccines are not considered to be "non-prescription" health products. They generally require health professional intervention similar to schedule F products. The PAAB recognizes federal health product regulations i.e. Schedule F requires a prescription for sale in Canada. I learned in pharmacy school jurisprudence that when two laws conflict, always defer to the more stringent law to avoid putting yourself in jeopardy. You can also refer to the NAPRA Drug Schedule categories 1 to 4 for guidance as to what is "non-prescription". When considering "nonprescription" think "self-selection" as a guiding principle.