92 - I have a question regarding minimum font size for safety and balancing copy. It is clear in the PAAB code that it is required to be 75% of the main claim in size. The reasons for this are obvious if one is producing a journal ad or printed piece - the balance copy must be legible. However, if the APS is a 10 foot high panel, does the same ratio apply? In such a case, the balancing copy is almost beyond legible (too big) and consumes the entire bottom of the panel.

  • I am not aware of the 75% requirement being in the PAAB code. There is a requirement that advertising be accurate, complete and clear and contain fair balance to not mislead (s2.1) The proportion of 75% is a guideline used by review staff to help advertisers meet that requirement for most APS reviewed at the PAAB. Therefore, for a large exhibit panel we would recommend that the type size be large enough to be legible to a reader from an appropriate standing distance i.e. if they can get close to it to read it easily then it does not have to be 75% of the main body copy. It would depend on the booth size and the panel location.