111 - If a client was to state its indication along with a logo on an electronic web banners, does it needs to be approved by PAAB? As well, does it need to have a click through to PAAB?

  • The ad is required to be reviewed by the PAAB. The PAAB code section 6.6.d states that an ad containing only the drug name in a context not linked to a therapeutic message in any way is exempt. The indication would be considered a therapeutic message. I am unsure what you mean by "click through to PAAB". I will assume you had meant "click through to the prescribing information (PI)". Yes, a link to the PI would be required if the APS does not meet the reminder ad criteria listed in PAAB code 7.4. Also note that if the reminder ad criteria are not met, additional fair balance would be required to appear on the ad itself. If the "logo" contains a claim (whether text or visual) the ad will not meet reminder criteria. If I have misinterpreted your question, please do not hesitate to call me at the PAAB office.