115 - Can you confirm for branded, paid search campaigns, if you're able to: 1.Link the branded ad to both condition and brand name together as keyword terms? For example, "cholesterol Lipitor" 2. Link the branded ad to general terms such as "corticosteroids treatment"? The keyword would trigger a branded text ad that would then link to a DIN-protected, branded site.

  • Answer 1: Section C.01.044 of the Food and Drugs Regulations prohibits Schedule F product promotion directly to consumers beyond name, price, and quantity. As such, linking product name and condition in this manner would appear to contravene the Food & Drugs Regulations. Answer 2: The term "Corticosteroids treatment" would also exceed the name, price, and quantity restriction. Ensure that the search results, the meta data descriptor, the site URL, and/or the content visible on the splash page (prior to entry of the password) do not exceed the name/price/quantity restriction. Please call the PAAB office if you require further information.