130 - For a DTC help-seeking message for a preventative product (e.g. vaccine), can the name of the manufacturer appear on the ad?

  • In the case of DTC messaging for preventative, non-prescription products (e.g. vaccine), the name of manufacturer may appear on the ad. In fact, section A.01.067 allows certain non-Rx drugs and NHPs to make prevention claims for schedule A diseases in advertising directed toward consumers. It may even be branded for the product; in such a case, the message will be considered to be promotional and advertising regulations would apply (e.g. please refer to the Health Canada Interim Guidance "Fair Balance in Direct to Consumer Advertising of Vaccines").Please note that this is not be confused with DTC messaging for prescription drugs or treatment of schedule A diseases. For these, the Health Canada guidance document "Distinction Between Advertising and Other Activities" applies and there should be no mention of the product or corporate name on the help-seeking message.Please call the PAAB office if you have any questions about this.