137 - Would there be an issue with an online banner ad that is exempt from PAAB review linking through to a PDF of the products' Product Monograph?

  • I will assume that the proposed banner meets exemption criteria (e.g. a name-only ad). There should not be an issue linking such banner to the complete/unedited product monograph in a website gated for health care professionals however, linking a name-only banner ad to the TMA renders it non-exempt from preclearance as this constitutes a link to therapeutic messages.

    In a non-gated site (i.e. accessible to consumers), linking the product monograph for a prescription drug to advertising for that product would contravene section C.01.044 of the Food and Drugs Regulations (even if the ad itself does not go beyond name, price, and quantity). It is important to note that although the complete/unedited product monograph does indeed go beyond the name/price/quantity, it is not considered advertising unless it is somehow linked to advertising. Please call the PAAB office if you need further guidance on this matter.

  • @Jennifer-Carroll Hi Jennifer, I was testing the hyperlink above but I get an error message. Not sure if it's because it's a feature that is not ready yet or if it is because it needs a space after the period.

  • @NatBourre Good catch. The hyperlink was an error. We have revised the content now. Thank you.