125 - Most brands have quite lengthy balance and we are looking on how to incorporate this into banner ads that include product claims. If the banners are animated and they rotate/transition automatically from claims to balance, is that okay. This would be the same as turning pages in a detail aid....correct?

  • It is acceptable to use Rx banner ads which transition/rotate automatically between claim page and balance page within a gated website. Such banners for Rx products should not be accessible to consumers as this would go beyond the name/price/quantity restriction (FDR C.01.044). Please ensure that the slides rotate at a pace which permits the balance slide to be read within a single rotation. This is important given that fair balance is required to be prominent as per PAAB code sections 2.1.2 & 2.4 & 3.5. With regards to length of fair balance, you can ask the PAAB reviewer whether there are any segments of fair balance which can be removed or revised. This may be possible depending on the product's Terms of Market Authorization and the quantity/type of claim copy.