199 - How do you review electronic detail aids created for tablets/iPads? Which technical features can be included in electronic details that would allow for easier detailing over a tablet/iPad? - Search keywords - highlighting sections - animations - organizing content into tabs (dosing, safety etc)

  • A copydeck can be submitted for review of copy. Layout requirements can be met with screenshots (can be submitted when copy is in order). See below for requirements relating to animations. Tips for animations/video/interactive games Storyboards may be submitted for initial layout reviews (i.e. to describe animation of figures/images). However, a video will be required for review prior to acceptance. PAAB should be informed of all animation attributes/functionality. For example: Will the animation play automatically when the page is open or is user interaction required to initiate it? Can the user play/pause/restart the animation? If so, how? For iPads, a finger swipe left to right is sometimes used to move the animation forward while a swipe from right to left is often used to rewind it. Tips for roll-overs (aka mouse-overs) and pop-ups in e-tools In representative directed tools: Study parameters may be presented as pop-ups which appear once the drug representative clicks on the claim or performs a mouse-over. In self-directed tools: For self-directed electronic tools, the piece should somehow instruct the user how to obtain the study parameters (e.g. instructions at the beginning of the piece). Disclaimers or balance copy should not be relegated to pop-ups or roll-overs unless use of the corresponding claims is limited to the same roll-over or pop-ups. Also, Claims and supporting data should appear together (not one without the other). Zoom-in and Scroll Although users can zoom-in and scroll, the default fair balance emphasis is still required to be similar to the claim copy. For example, fair balance prominence is not acceptable when users need to zoom-in to read the fair balance if most of the claim copy is legible without the need to zoom. Links Electronic media simplify the creation of links. Links can be created within the piece. Links can also be created to other pieces/tools/documents (e.g. full study reprints). PAAB should be made aware of all links during initial review. Tabs When tabs are used, it should be clear what information they contain and how the tabs (and the contents within them) are organized. Scanning a PAAB approved APS We are frequently asked whether scanning a print APS onto an electronic platform requires resubmission to the PAAB. Resubmission is not required provided the same content/layout/flow is maintained as the approved print APS (i.e. the piece on the electronic platform is comprised simply of all scanned pages in same order as the print APS). Note that the originally submitted piece is required to be renewed on a yearly basis for the duration of its use (whether the use relates to the print or electronic format, or both). Content on the pages may not be repositioned (e.g. to optimize for landscape mode) without resubmission for review. Also, no new functionality can be added without PAAB review (other than zoom-in and scroll).