306 - Are we able to re-purpose the content for one previously-approved medium (i.e. a poster) into a completely different medium (i.e. a magazine ad) without having the re-submit? Some items might be re-arranged to fit the new sizing.

  • Content of a previously approved piece may only be re-purposed into a different medium so long as no copy, layout, flow, visual, or functionality changes are made as a result of the re-purposing. Therefore, in response to your specific question, any rearranging of content as a result of resizing will require further review (i.e. the new medium should be submitted in the form of a new eFile). Furthermore, all PAAB code requirements must be maintained in the new medium. For example, if the approved APS was employing middle fair balance on the surface of the journal ad to direct to highest fair balance elsewhere in the publication, simply digitizing the journal ad would not meet the fair balance disclosure requirements. The new medium ad will require either a change in copy (e.g. use of the highest fair balance on the surface of the new medium ad) or a change in functionality (e.g. addition of an electronic link to the highest level FB). Either of these changes would trigger the need for PAAB review.