41 - Just looking for some clarification on PAAB review of health education material (CME accredited, third party accrediated workshops, etc.). When sent in for review, will PAAB be providing an opinion only, or would it be acceptance of the material under review? Additionally, will existing printed material need to be sent to PAAB for review, or is just newly created material that has this requirement of review? Thanks in advance for the help in answering.

  • PAAB reviews advertising. See section 1 in the code for scope and s1.8 for the definition of advertising. If the material is sponsored by a manufacturer or distributor of a product and the material appears to promote the sale of the product, it is "advertising". See s1.5 of the code for exemptions of truly independently produced educational material. So, it doesn't matter what you call the material, if it fits the definition of "advertising" the PAAB will review it to approval if that is possible. The PAAB reviews material intended for advertising. I am not sure what the last part of the question means.