365 - Are reports published from unaccredited CME events (ie. symposia) subject to PAAB approval?

  • Please refer Q&A #350 and #129 for relevant excerpts from the PAAB code and the Health Canada policy document "The Distinction Between Advertising and Other Activities". Ultimately, the answer to your question is another question. Is the report drug advertising? If so, yes the report is subject to the advertising regulations in the Food and Drugs Act, the Food and Drug Regulations, and the PAAB code. If the report is not advertising, the answer to your question is no. For example, the report is likely advertising if the manufacturer exerted any direct or indirect influence over the event or the report's creation (e.g. selecting author, input on scope, review of contentÂ…etc) and the report either emphasises or favours this manufacturer's products (or the classes in which this manufacturer has a vested interest). Feel free to use our written opinion service for an opinion on your specific report (see the fee schedule on our website).