299 - We have videos that demonstrate how to use our product. The video is branded but does not extend beyond name, price, quanity. Is it acceptable to not gate this piece of information? If yes, are there any concerns with posting this on YouTube as a credible source on how to use our product?

  • "How to use the product" can mean a couple of different things. Nonetheless, if the video is about the sponsor's product, the advertising provisions would appear to apply (in which case, in the non-gated context you've described, the video would be subject to section C.01.044 for the Food and Drug Regulations if it relates to an Rx product). Discussion of the how/who/when/where/why relating to administration/use of the product would appear to be in excess of the name, price, and quantity restriction. Note that this is not a PAAB code issue. It is an opinion based on PAAB's interpretation of the Food and Drug Regulations.