393 - I am curious to know how/why the product ColdFX can make DTC claims such as 'clinically proven' and '#1 doctor recommended'. Would this not fall under the NHP regulations of PAAB?

  • Thanks for your question. There is an important distinction to make here with regards to the Canadian regulatory landscape for drug advertising. The PAAB code applies to health care product advertising which is directed to healthcare professionals. Natural Health Products (NHPs) are indeed included in the PAAB code’s definition of health care products (PAAB s1 & 11); however, DTC for NHPs falls neither within the scope of the PAAB code nor within the scope of PAAB review activities. As a courtesy, concerns relating to NHP DTC advertising may be directed to Advertising Standards Canada, MIJO, or Health Canada. The scope of the PAAB includes promotional healthcare product communication for prescription, non-prescription, biological and natural health products to health care professionals in all media. PAAB also provides advisory comments on direct-to-consumer materials for prescription drugs. You can learn more about the PAAB vision, mission, mandate, and scope at the following link: http://www.paab.ca/mission.htm