609 - Hello. Can a pharmaceutical company post a tweet on its Twitter platform about its product winning a research/innovation prize? For example, "Congratulations to Product X for winning the 2017 YZ Prize!"

  • Assuming that this is a prescription product, PAAB would advise against this for a couple of reasons:the status message that the product won a prize for innovation would not appear to fall within the permissible DTCRx elements of name, price and quantity (and would therefore appear to exceed section C.01.044 of the Food and Drug Regulations). As with any openly visible company sponsored tweet that mentions product brand, the manufacturer would be required to ensure that user generated content does NOT allude to the therapeutic use (as this would link the identified product to it’s therapeutic use). This message may invite that type of post, and the work required to remove posts from third party platforms can sometimes be more laborious than removing posts from your own sites.