555 - Can we provide a link from our disease state page on our local website to our global disease state page containing information about the same topic? If a disclaimer pops up prior to the user leaving the Canadian website and viewing content on that disease state global page, are we able to do this?

  • To answer this question, there are a few important details which would need to be considered. Who is the intended regulatory audience, are the sites gated, is the disease information on a product branded site (i.e. are we creating a link between branded and unbranded content). For example, if we assume that the question relates to linking disease information on a product branded HCP gated site to disease information on the global corporate site, the answer is ‘no’. Per the PAAB code, you may link to a corporate global site only by linking to the homepage. An important exception to the ability to link to the global (or local) corporate website homepage follows: based on direction from Health Canada the product branded pre-gate portion of a prescription drug website must not contain a hyperlink to a corporate website containing product monographs. The link between the two may exceed the restrictions set out in Section C.01.044 of the Food & Drug Regulations.