110 - We would like to develop a schedule table for a multi-dose regimen of a vaccine and provide it to customers in a fridge magnet format. No product name or branding will be included, but it will be labelled as being provided as an educational service by company X. The content would be submitted for PAAB review.Is the fridge magnet format acceptable to PAAB?

  • The PAAB reviews drug advertising content. We do not rule on marketing practices. We have previously approved advertising messages on fridge magnets. Please note that a product's dosing information is considered claim copy. It will be required to be consistent with that product's terms of marketing authorization (TMA) and it should be accompanied by the indication and balancing information. Prior to considering providing items as a giveaway, we strongly urge you to check with the Innovative Medicines Canada Code of Ethical Practices s11. We have a link to Innovative Medicines Canada on our website (www.paab.ca/).