8 - I was curious, to your knowledge , how many companies are currently operating within the PAAB meeting report exemption , either legitimately or otherwise . I know if anybody has this information it would be likely yourself. I am curious and was hoping you could shed some light on this issue

  • There is no meeting report exemption. The PAAB did away with that supplementary guideline on April 1. PAAB Code section 1.5 was rewritten and it allows an exemption from review for reports that are not advertising by the PAAB definition in Code s1.8 i.e. it is unbiased information not about the sponsor's products. Anything with some emphasis on the sponsor's products distributed to a broad audience in an unsolicited manner is "advertising" by the Food & Drugs Act definition of advertising and the PAAB Code definition. The content and relation to the sponsor are the key elements, not who the publisher is. Thus, if a company commissions a report about a study related to their product, it is most probably "advertising".