241 - When PAAB approves a submitted piece, it provides an approval identification number. Can you advise me as to the configuration of that number? How many characters is it? Is it an alpha-numeric configuration? We are formatting a cloud-based internal review system and would like to capture our PAAB approvals accordingly. Thank you.

  • Currently, our PAAB Approval Acceptance number consists of a maximum of 33 characters, not including the ID# preface, and is alpha-numeric in configuration with symbols. Please see the example below for the configuration and explanation of each part making up the Acceptance number. ID# PAAB/12345/D/E&F/11-2012-10-2013 ID# is the preface for the actual Acceptance number and is not included in the character count of 33. PAAB is static within the acceptance number 12345 signifies the corresponding eFile number for the submission. The character # in this field will increase over time as the number of submissions to PAAB increases. *D signifies the Prescribing Information status for the submission. *D is for Disclosure (Branded pieces and Prescribing Information) *R is for Reminder (Reminder advertising pieces) *E is for Editorial (Editorial advertising pieces) *I is for Institutional ( Institutional advertising pieces) *CI is for Consumer Information (DTC information pieces) *CA is for Consumer Advertising (DTC advertising pieces) E&F signifies the language in which the advertising piece has been approved. This character field may vary as some advertising pieces are approved in English or French [] therefore, this field will simply list the corresponding language letter equivalent E or F. 11-2012-10-2013 signifies the PAAB Acceptance Period. The # of characters in this field remains static as single digit months in the calendar are identified with a '0' in front of the numerical value for that month. Eg. 01-2012-12-2012. The first month and year listed in this field indicates the start date of the Acceptance period and the second month and year listed indicates the expiry of the Acceptance period. In this example, the Acceptance period starts on the first day of November 2012 and it expires on the last day of October 2013. I hope that I have answered all of your questions. Please feel free to contact me if you have further questions.