401 - Is there a PAAB mandate anywhere that states that the pharmaceutical companies corporate logo has to appear on all PAAB reviewed and approved APS materials? We have a situation there are high-priority approved APS materials requiring printing; however the corporate branding is changing and won’t be fully established for some time.

  • No. PAAB code requires that the company name be disclosed except in cases where this could contravene some other regulation (e.g. help-seeking messages). There is no need for the company logo.

  • Hi Jennifer, I have the same question but when I read your response, I am confused by the 'no' and then the 'PAAB code requires that the company name be disclosed except ...'. This particular project is not a help-seeking message.

  • Hi @NatBourre, the distinction is “company logo” versus “company name”. The code does not require a company logo. However, the company name is required on all pieces unless it contravenes other regulations, such as help-seeking messages. The distinction between “logo” and “name” was particularly relevant to the question as it featured concerns about displaying the corporate logo in the midst of a corporate branding change.