639 - Just wondering how long it would take to receive a response to a question submitted through Ask PAAB?

  • Good question. AskPAAB provides us with a mechanism to provide answers to anonymous questions in order to educate the entire industry about general aspects of our Code, our guidances, and the regulatory framework. It is not intended to be a mechanism for providing time-sensitive responses related to current/imminent projects as the anonymity makes it impractical for us to ask clarifying questions or engage in two-way dialogue. For time sensitive questions about matters relating to imminent submissions, the optimal platform is the written opinion submission over eFiles (four business day turnaround time). For time sensitive questions relating to general questions you can submit call-back requests over our eFiles system (1 business day turnaround time). Call-back requests are also set up through our eFiles system for questions about ongoing submissions. We respond to questions received through AskPAAB as expediently as we can but we prioritize responding to questions through the eFiles system as those are triggered by ongoing or imminent projects.