710 - For Help-Seeking Announcements, the Distinction Between Advertising and Other Activities states "there is no implication that a drug is the sole treatment available". Does this mean no implication for a single brand within the context of available drug treatments, or no implication for drug treatment over non-drug treatment?

  • The Health Canada Distinction Document has the following three provisions relating to Help Seeking Announcements: *no specific drug is identified, *there is no implication that a drug is the sole treatment available for the disease or condition, and *no drug manufacturer's name is included. Although the question relates to the 2nd point, it is important to interpret it in the context of the 1st. Generally, when PAAB has evoked the 2nd provision, it has tended to relate to the statement referring the patient to the HCP. For example, the statement “If you have any of these symptoms, consult your physician for discussion about the treatment for condition X” would evoke the 2ndprovision. Even if there is only one indicated healthcare product, the statement should refer to treatment options or management options (includes non-pharm options) so as not to suggest there is only one treatment available for the condition.