687 - Regarding teaching tools (slides, desktop tool) used by HCPs to educate patients: Is it possible to include efficacy information in a piece to be used by HCPs with patients, recognizing it would be a clinic-based tool and not something taken away by the patient? Is there a regulation or code that prohibits HCPs from educating patients about efficacy results? Is there any resource that explains why this information is not included in part 3 of the Product Monograph?

  • As patient teaching tools are used to educate and share disease and product information with patients, the content in these tools must meet the advertising regulations for patient information (see section 6 of the PAAB code). Essentially, patient pieces must contain non-promotional information, consistent with part III of the Product Monograph. As efficacy results are promotional, inclusion of this information in patient teaching tools is prohibited. This standard applies whether it is a teaching tool viewed in the physicians office, or information which can be taken home by the patient. For further information on the content and review of Part III of the TMA, we suggest directing your questions to Health Canada.