147 - I would like to understand what the average time (weeks/days) the PAAB currently are working to with respect to the review and approval of promotional materials from pharmaceutical companies

  • The PAAB's mandate is to provide an initial response within 10 working days of receipt of all required materials (e.g. the advertisement & the references). In 2010, the PAAB has met this target for 99.5% of files. In fact, the median time to first response in 2010 was 7 working days. For revisions, the PAAB responds within 3 working days. Keep in mind that the time to approval is also determined by how long it takes for PAAB's clients to respond and how willing they are to address the issues raised by the reviewer. In 2010, it has taken an average of 11 working days for clients to provide their revisions to the PAAB versus 3 days for a PAAB response. In 2010, it took an average of 2.4 revisions to get an approval. Caveat: interpret these two client averages with caution as there is significant variability between different agencies/manufacturers. Call me if you would like to know averages specific to your company.