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  • Can you clarify for me if we can only use the logo as of Oct 2020, or if we can start using it now. The new PAAB logo will be affixed to all APS approved as of October 1, 2020.

  • Good morning @Donna

    We will not be approving pieces with an “intended date of use” that is before October 1st with the new logo. If however, the piece is intended to be used starting after October 1st but is being submitted prior to October 1st, you can include the new logo on the piece. The new logo should not appear in the market prior to October 1st to align with the launch of our HCP awareness campaign.

  • Can you clarify whether we can still get approvals on renewals that have the "old" logo after October 1, 2020?
    I imagine folks will have stock containing the old logo well into next year because of COVID. Any thoughts about this?

  • Hey @Don-Bolton
    Note: For the purpose of the next few paragraphs, “old logo” refers to the current PAAB logo.

    The new logo should be used on any APS approved on or after October 1, 2020 (see exception for straight renewals below). The old logo is grandfathered (for the duration of the approval period) on any APS approved prior to October 1,2020. This means that there will be a mixture of APS bearing the old and new logo from October 1, 2020 to September 30, 2021.

    For straight renewals approved beyond October 1, 2020, client’s can continue to distribute APS bearing the old logo until September 30, 2021. But if supplies diminish to the point that reprinting is required, we ask that the reprinted version bear the new logo. No resubmission or FYI is required if this is the only change.

  • @Jennifer-Carroll
    Thanks. One more quick question. The approval logo style guide does not appear to be prescriptive about the logo size requirements. I assume this means that there isn't a particular standard size industry must follow. Please confirm.

  • Hey @Don-Bolton
    That is correct. At a minimum, all elements of the logo must be legible. Additionally, we did not impose a maximum size limit. We understand that some advertisers may wish to use logo prominence as a way to highlight and differentiate their APS, which have undergone preclearance, from sources of information which have not. This may become increasingly valuable as, at the beginning of October, we will be embarking on a 3-year omni channel HCP marketing campaign aimed to ensure that HCPs (and eventually patients) recognize what the PAAB logo signifies.

  • @Jennifer-Carroll This question is regarding straight PAAB eFile renewals. Can you please advise on the following?

    (1) Considering the new PAAB logo needs to be revised in materials by September 30, 2021 will eFile renewals only be granted until this date? For example, if an eFile renewal request is submitted in March 2021, will the approval be granted only until September 30, 2021 instead of another 12-month period?
    (2) If the PAAB reviewer has a question regarding an APS during the renewal review process, but there are no revisions required to the ENG or FR content itself, does still mean the PAAB logo needs to be revised to the new one? For example, if a reviewer has a question on a reference but does not request for revisions in content of the APS, will this result in revision required to the PAAB logo since the APS was not approved in first round of the review?

  • Hello @ABrown

    1. No. The approval period will remain the same with the understanding that pieces will be updated accordingly. For example, if pieces have already been printed and the renewal is to use up printed stock. The manufacturer should be taking the update into consideration now and printing pieces accordingly.

    2. If the piece is unaffected and meets the criteria outlined in the previous response above in this thread, it would not prompt the replacement of the PAAB logo prior to acceptance. Please note that it is still encouraged that the piece be updated if there are no reasons for it to remain with the old logo (i.e. using up excess printed stock).

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  • Hi @jennifer-carroll !

    Regarding point #1 above, we've had some contradicting guidance in the last few weeks about approving straight renewals with the old PAAB logo to use printed quantities remaining. Based on the above, the approval period will continue for 12-months with the understanding that if a reprint is required, the logo needs to be updated.

    We have also received this in terms of guidance: Please note that we are continuing to issue approvals for renewals which are required to deplete old stock for pieces that do not require any additional updates; however distribution of the old stock must cease by September 30, 2021 and if the APS is reprinted within the acceptance period, it should be reprinted with the new PAAB logo.

    Can you confirm which is accurate or where I can find more information about this?

  • Hello @healthymind

    By October 1, 2021, the vast majority of APS in the market place will bear the new logo. Although this date will mark the end of our 1-year transition period, it is understood that straight renewals (pieces with absolutely no changes) bearing the old logo will continue to be disseminated / distributed until stock is depleted. Our expectation is that, upon reprinting, the logo change will be implemented. With the understanding that the updated logo will adhere to our style guide, this change does not trigger a need for resubmission. To be clear, at no point are manufacturers expected to destroy old stock on account of the logo change.