• We recognize that PAAB is expecting that the current logo is no longer in use as of Sept 2021. We have PAAB approval on an APS but still in the last steps of finalizing the files for printing. We won't have printed materials until after October 1, 2020. Can we replace the old logo with the new one and send to PAAB as an FYI. We're trying to avoid needlessly needing to reprint in a year's time. My ask is whether we can do this, not deploy until after Oct 1 and send the updated English layout to PAAB as an FYI. Please advise.

  • Hey @tmcd

    Yes, you can do this. Please see the last response posted on September 1st under the document PAAB Logo Style Guide. As a courtesy, remember that you can set the intended date of use of the piece to be October 1st. This would not only avoid the issue identified above, but would also give you additional time at the end of the approval period.