• In a conference setting, is it possible to display unbranded Disease State advertising (helping educate about the disease prior to the launch of Drug A) along with branded content for Drugs B and C (which are already in the market)?

  • Hey @georgian21

    As a general rule of thumb, branded and unbranded should be separate and distinct. The difficulty in having unbranded content presented in the same booth as branded content is that it has the potential to create an association between the two (i.e. it brands the unbranded pieces) which is not generally permitted due to the potential for off-label implications.

  • @jennifer-carroll Thank you.

    Just to clarify, Drug A (unbranded) and Drugs B/C (branded) would belong to different disease areas.

    Would that change the PAAB ruling?

  • Hey @georgian21

    This does give us pause to consider the nuance of the scenario. The main concern is separation. When we put unbranded content with branded, it creates an association that brands everything. Even if it is a separate therapeutic area, the question is, can we ensure that there is no suggestion that the product has implications (e.g. safety/efficacy) in that therapeutic area? We’d also have to consider the therapeutic areas as some are more closely related than others.

    - Drug A (renal or CV drug); Drug B/C (diabetes)
    - Drug A (lipid drug); Drug B/C (HIV)

    This type of question might be more suited for an opinion so that we may assess the intricacies.